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How to Use the Mosinet


Watch the Mosinet video demonstration.

Self-supporting and ready to use in seconds. Our best-selling Mosinet is easy to use and provides a spacious enclosure over a bed, perfect for staying in a hostel or hotel. This mosquito bed net includes zips for easy access with no way for insects to get inside. It is available in both double and single sizes.

Setting Up
Remove the mosquito net from its bag and carefully open to uncoil the struts. The net will easily pop open allowing you to position one strut at each corner of the bed. Pull the net down around the mattress or bed base, adjusting the struts and toggles to ensure a tight fit.

Packing Away
Remove the Mosinet from the bed, lay it flat with the struts together and gather the netting into the centre. Take hold of one pair of struts and loop them together into a small circle. Continue to roll the remaining struts tightly. Wrap the excess netting around the struts to secure and return the net to its bag. 

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Mosinet Mosquito Net - No Hanging Needed