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How to Use the Pop Up Dome

Pop Up Dome Net

Watch the Pop Up Dome video demonstration.

This travel mosquito net is fully self-supporting and requires no fixing or hanging. It gives fast protection from biting insects and it can be used outdoors over a sleeping bag or on a single bed. Durable and sturdy, this net will stand up to regular and prolonged use. There is plenty of skirt material to tuck under your sleeping bag for extra security.

Setting Up
Remove your mosquito net from the bag and carefully open to uncoil the struts. Arrange the dome and netting over your sleeping area. Tuck the net skirt under your mattress or sleeping bag to ensure a tight fit. If using the net outside the fabric tabs can be pegged down for security.

Packing Away
Remove from the bed and lay flat with the struts together. Take hold of the top point of the net and the centre of the base, twist in opposite directions and close to make a circle. Then gather the fabric together and wind around the struts to secure. Place the mosquito net back into its carry bag.

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Pop-Up Dome Mosquito Net - Sets Up In Seconds